World changing chain technology

The biggest breakthrough in chain technology since the invention of the roller chain first observed in drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci more than 500 years ago

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What problem are we solving?

Mechanical wear is holding us back

With current chain technology, over 60% of transmitted force is acting on only one tooth and chain link at any one time, leading to high mechanical wear and the reason why expensive metals are required.

What we do

We reduce mechanical wear

Our patented chain dramatically reduces wear by sharing transmitted force over all of the teeth on the sprocket at the same time, this leads to an 85% decrease in peak stress compared to a conventional roller chain and a 10x increase in sprocket and chain lifetime.

What this now means

Mechanical wear is no longer a factor

Using our technology, our customers product and services will have a much greater lifetime, be significantly lighter and more efficient.

Mechanical wear does not have to be a primary consideration anymore meaning that different materials such as plastics and carbon fibres with additional benefits such as hygiene, cost and weight reduction can be used in chain and transmission design.

How we work

We work in partnership with companies to deliver a tailored product that blends their incredible product with our groundbreaking technology through licensing and development partnerships.

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